Wildcat Model

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Buick has the proudest design heritage of all the GM cars. The 1939 Y Job was the first concept car ever built and was a precursor of Buick advanced design for almost 20 years. For the 1954 Motorama, Buick built the Wildcat II which is considered by collectors to be the outstanding concept car of the decade, the second golden age of American automotive design.

The WoW name was set in stone when John Moss, GM's former Manager of Specialty Vehicles, first saw the drawings you see above. "Wow, WOW!!! " he said, and that was that.

Combining outsanding design elements from many years, you can easily understand why this is one of the biggest hits of our "Greatest Hits" series. It's a chart buster, as they would say in the recording industry. The stance of a big cat, the muscular haunches about to unleash lightning-fast response, and excitement and the air of refinement that used to define many American automobiles.

Think of the '37 Cord Sportsman and the '66 Toronado, whose main design elements were influenced by the Cord. A modern interpretation of a classic that, after 40 years, is a classic itself - just like the WoW, the Wildcat on Wheels. The grille from the '39 Y Job, the sidesweep from the '53 Skylark, the taillights from the Wildcat II, all modernized and blended into another American classic.

Kanter Concepts is the exclusive designer and builder of vehicles for n2a Motors, and Kanter has designed and built concept vehicles and components for many major automobile companies worldwide. At Kanter Concepts we also collect concept cars from the past and have one of the largest collections of concept cars outside of the OEM's.. We love them and we build them for you to enjoy.

Two-tone combinations are strongly suggested and, as in fine steakhouses who take no responsibility for well done meals, single tone requests are at your own risk. Of course, we'll build anything you like and our only limit is your imagination.

Built on the Solstice/Sky platform, the WoW is available as a body conversion, or in the more popular version with the Corvette 400 hp LS2 engine. Corvettes will be a diminishing speck in your rear view mirror with this upgrade. Introduce turbocharging or supercharging, and Lamborghinis will eat your dust.

The WoW, whether 4 cylinder or LS2 V8 version, is fitted with Borla exhaust system, PST anti-sway bars and a carbon fiber outer body in any color combiation of your choice. Please keep in mind that at n2a Motors no two identical vehicles are ever produced, so order early to insure you get the colors of your choice. Want it the color of your '28 Stutz, your husband's golf bag, or your favorite angora sweater? Just specify when ordering. Custom interiors, fitted luggage, Brembo Brakes, a sterling silver monogrammed shift knob, and... kindly fill in the blank when you order yours.


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