Corvettes at Detroit Autorama Show - Part I

03/12/07 - Corvette Blog

By Bill Connell


There were many beautiful Corvettes at the Detroit Autorama this past weekend!

One of my favorite Corvettes, without question, was the 789, manufactured by n2a Motors of Santa Ana, California.

The front of the vehicle resembles the 1957 full sized Chevrolet. The side resembles the 1958. The rear is all 1959 Impala. All of this is assembled on a C6 Corvette chassis. Honestly, it may not sound right on paper, but this vehicle is beautiful!

My personal photos did not do the vehicle the justice these promo shots do for it. It is gorgeous from every direction. Personally, I'd like to see it in red and black, too.

The factory is developing some other vehicles as well, all of which sound interesting to me.  We wish them well because we would like to see versions of a Corvette like this at the Woodward Dream Cruise this summer, and then in car shows every\where!